Monday, 9 November 2009

Bonfire Night Success!

As dusk descended at the Lost Plot on Sunday we were tired. We had moved the social circle so as not to burn a hole in our new poly tunnel, laid some straw to soak up the mud bath created by a lively water butt and set up the clay oven and some barbeques in preparation for our Birthday Bonfire Bonanza.

All we needed now were some guests.

It was a nervous half an hour but the guests did soon materialize. I'm afraid i'm useless with names but you all know who you are and i hope you all had a good time. You all certainly seemed to enjoy the two types of home made soups, the baked potatoes, the burgers and sausages (both meat and veggie) and everybody looked quite content by the fire.

Then came the fireworks. A big thanks must be extended to Josh for organising the display and a big apology should be extended by me for volleying a small firework into the sweetcorn and managing to set up the worlds only stationary catherine wheel! But dysfunctional fireworks apart the display went well, especially well for an excitable young lad named Callum who seemed to be having the time of his life assisting with the firework lighting.

After the fireworks the crowd slowly decreased until we were reduced to a few die hards gathered around the fire, periodically reeling backwards as Cyrus spiced up the fire with a bit of white spirit. As we patted out the small fires raging on our eyebrows, we agreed it had been a successful evening and it seems a good time had been had by all.

Of course none of this would have been possible without Sarah and Ginny the organisational masterminds! Also worthy of special mention is Rachel's sweetcorn chowder; more next week please.If you missed it, or you had such a good time you can hardly wait to return, we will be planting out winter cauliflowers, beans and peas this Sunday from 1pm, so feel free to join us. The contact for this week will be Nick (that's me) on 07521551322 so just give me a call if you would like to pop down.

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