Monday, 17 May 2010

Sunday 17th May: Themed Workday - Community Area & Fruit Cage

Well we had an amazingly productive day at the plot yesterday. The weather turned out to be really sunny and made for a good day working on several areas of the allotment that needed immediate attention.

The community area is developing slowly into a space that can be used for workshops and events. The ground was levelled, carpeted and then wood chip was put down. This will make a nice surface for the benches that will be made for the area and is a great entrance to the pond area, which is also looking good. Next week we'll be extending the community area so the surrounding paths are also wood chipped.

Digging and Levelling Carpeting Wood Chipping

The pond area taking shape with a new gate and path being laid,
the ground being levelled and seating being made

The walk-in Blackcurrant cage was made from scraps of metal and netting and is really sturdy and looks great. The area was also weeded and is starting to take shape ready for summer.

The fruit cage being worked on by Nick & Josh

The compost heap had some love and attention and was carefully prepared in sandwich fashion to try, once again, to make hot compost. It was also watered to the consistency of a rung out sponge! We'll see if were doing things right when Rachel and I head down to Valerie's Veggies in Hertfordshire next weekend to do a soil fertility course.

So thanks to all the folks who came down on Sunday, especially our two new volunteers, Matt and Jessica, who were amazing. They got stuck in straight away and can't be faulted for their commitment to getting stuff was a back breaking task. We hope they come back.

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