Friday, 7 June 2013


Oh dear
A little sunshine, lots of rain, two weeks of sunshine and a Bank Holiday and what do you get?  That's right,weeds springing up everywhere and grass that's grown a foot.  So, a big plea to anyone with any time on their hands to come and put a couple of hours in down at the Lost Plot on Sunday.

Polytunnel is looking good with tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies and salads growing.  One raised bed is full and the other needs planting out.

There's still some manure to shift from the road, so anyone in need of exercise can kill two birds with one stone. I did my share last week and weeded and manured three beds - I'm still waiting for the gold clock...

Some more work needs to be done on the permanent beds - I'm determined to make the asparagus bed this year!!

Anything you want to eat, come down and sow in modules or plant direct and plan ahead for the winter months.

Will be keeping my eye on the extra potatoes and saving some to put in the polytunnel for a winter bonus.

Don't forget every Sunday from 1pm, come down and enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and some nice food.

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